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Cheesey chicken cutlet | iFood Chef

Cheesey chicken cutlet

Ingredients –

Chicken mince.      – 1/2 kg

slice bread.             -3

boiled potato.       – 2

egg.                        -2

shredded  cheese.    -1 table sp

milk.                        -2 tea sp

green coriender.    -1 cup

green chilli.             -4 to 5

mint leaves.            -7 to -8

chilli flacks.           -1 tea sp

black paper.          -1 tea sp

roasted cumin powder.  -1 te sp

roasted crushed fennel seed.  -1 tea sp

roasted crushed  coriender seed.  -1 tea sp

garam masala.         -1/2 tea sp

garlic paste.              -1 tea sp

salt.                           -according to taste

oil for frying



take a larg bowl and mix the chicken  mince and boiled potato properly with your hands

then soak the slice breads for a while, till it became more soft, squeeze it and mix it also in the chicken mixture.

now a add the herbs and spices,coriender , mint leaves, black paper,chilli flacks,fennel seed,coreiender seed, cumin powder, salt, shredded cheese,two tea spoon milk, garlic paste,garam masala.

chop the green chilli and add them too.

mix all the ingredients with chicken very well, so that all things tastes could mix with each other properly.

Now take a other bowl, break the eggs in this and sepreat the egg yokes from egg white.

whisk it with a whisker properly.

heat the pan ( kadhai ) on high flame,pour into the oil for deep frying.

make the cutlets of  batter, in shape which you want, – oval,round, long or patty.

dip them in egg white and fry in the oil.


ophtion –

You can use, all purpose flore ( maida ), bread crumbs, or rice floure  also, instead of egg.

serve hot with pudina ki chatni, or tomato suoce.


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