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Dum ka keema | iFood Chef

Dum ka keema

Ingredients –

mutton mince ( keema )       -1/2 kg

chopped onion         -2 medium size

chopped tomato.    – 2 medium size

green chilli.            – 3

ginger paste.         -1 tea sp

garlic paste.          -1 tea sp

garam masala powder.  -1 tea sp

chilli flacks.            -1 tea sp

crushed fennel seed.  1 tea sp

cushed whole coriender.  -1 tea sp

coriender powder.       -1 tea sp

turmeric powder.        -1/2 tea sp

oil.                              – 2 table sp

charcoal.          -1 small piece

salt.                   – according to taste

desi ghee.        – 1 tea sp




heat a pan ( kadhai ) , pour 2 table sp oil into this. First add chopped onion,stir it with a spatula till it gets a pinkish colour, after that add chopped tomato and ginger, garlic paste.

make a cut in chillies and  add them too.

Now add the spices, coriender powder,turmeric powder,garam masala and salt.mix all  very well and cover the lid, so that all the ingredients cook in the water of  mince ( keema) for 10 – 15 mints.keep checking meanwhile .


now when the mince ( keema ) became tender and soft, finely add crushed coriender,crushed fennel seed and chilli flacks,fry all the spices with keema all together , and cover the lid for 5 mints more.


at last, take a bowl or aluminium foil,put it on  the keema, on the other hand keep the piece of charcoal on the flame and let it be burned. After that put it on the foil or in the bowl and drope the desi ghee  over it and cover the lid properly, so that all the smoke could lock inside.

open it when you going to serve.

Garnish it with chopped green coriender and  very thin sliced ginger.


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